The waffle house Van Hecke is the oldest waffle house of Antwerp.

Gustaaf Van Hecke founded the business in 1905.
Originally the waffles were sold at the door and especially in the pubs in and around the Sint-Andries quarter.

Later on in the Nationalestraat, formerly known as the "Boeksteeg", a waffle house was established.

In the forties his daughter, together with her husband, took over the business. The tradition goes on.

The founder Gustaaf Van Hecke 1873-1946

Van Hecke family and staff  
On the left the family Van Hecke poses together with the staff of the waffle house of that time.

On the right you can see a picture of the founder Gustaaf Van Hecke in his younger years.
Gustaaf Van Hecke as a young man

On the 4th of January 1969 Karel and Maria Reinehr-Goossenaerts took over the waffle house. The business was no longer in hands of the Van Hecke family... but Karel and Maria continued the tradition of the house.

Also the authentic interior of the dining room was unaltered.
The picture was token in 1969. The dining room did not undergo any changes since then... it is as if time has stopped there.
interior around 1969

The interior nowadays Since January 2001 Darko Hof and his wife Ingrid are running the waffle house Van Hecke. Both are determined to keep the tradition of the house... and in 2005 we shall will celebrate the e hundredth anniversary of the waffle house!

For the loyal customers this is definitely a good thing because Van Hecke will always be a concept close to the heart of everyone who has a sweet tooth!

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