Our delicacies
Have a look at the menu... let me show you some of the delicacies that you will find here. For many years now our house Van Hecke was able to charm many gourmands. What you will see here is but a small grasp out of a wide choice. Certain dishes depend upon the season, especially the fresh fruits that we serve with the ice cream, the waffles and the pancakes. The pictures will certainly give you an idea, but the nice smell and the delicate taste will be yours as soon as you visit our place... and the little ones among us will be extra coddled.
Good appetite!
Children adore ice cream!


This cake, also called "Lackmans" or "Leckemans" , was introduced in the beginning of the 20th century by a pastry-cook from Lille (France) Mister Lacquemant. Through the years this fine cake with a taste of cinnamon was considered as a true delicacy. Hence the "Lackmans" can nowadays count on the loyalty of many.

But be careful... not all Lackmans cakes are real ones! The connoisseurs do know that for the real authentic Lackmans you have to go to house "Van Hecke"!
Prepared with care and devotion, baked and served with a touch of nostalgia... that's the way it should be!



To be able to make delicious waffles there are two really important things: the preparation of the dough and the baking of the waffles. For the dough it is rather evident that the ingredients will play a major role, but nevertheless the way it is prepared is quite significant as well. Here all of the ingredients are carefully mingled manually without the help of any machine.

The waffles are still baked in the authentic waffle irons. Already after the first bite you will be convinced: this waffle has got something that the other waffles don't have!
Mmm... let us add some whipped cream, maybe some fresh fruits and for the true gourmands also some ice cream. Heaven on earth!

Ice cream

Delicious ice cream is ice cream that you eat on the day that it has been made.
And Darko is very well aware of this. Of course to be able to do that he has to get up early in the morning, but his slogan is: "fresh ice cream or no ice cream!". Every day you can choose from numerous flavours including the classics like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, mocha, pistachio, banana and hazelnut.
Those who have time to sit down and have a look at the menu will notice that with ice cream one can really produce art. Yep... the ice cream bowls. These are true "pearls" for the lovers of ice cream: a chilled glass with ice cream, some fresh fruits and on top of that some delicious chocolate or fruit sauce. First you have to enjoy the composition and the colours and then you can enjoy the taste. So you see, art can be delicious too!
Can you image a banana stretched out on a bed of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, delicately flavoured with chocolate... and de ice cream bowl with strawberry looks delicious too! The kids will surely like to meet "Pinnokio" an ice cream made for children.

ice cream bowl with strawberry


What is better after a long walk in town than a couple of delicious pancakes with sugar or sirop and a cup of coffee?! A pancake with whipped cream or with vanilla ice cream or with little cubes of banana and on top of that a delicious sweet chocolate sauce... mmm life can be so beautiful.
Pancakes with sugar

Apple fritters

No, for apple fritters you really don't have to wait until the "Pentecost fair" is back in town!
Here we make them every day. A delicious slice of apple covered with a small layer of dough, fried and served with sugar.
Apple fritters
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