About us
Darko Hof is the owner of the waffle house Van Hecke. Together with his wife Ingrid and his daughter Helena he invites you to come and taste the ambience of former times. The one who speaks about waffles, cakes and ice cream, speaks about tradition. And the tradition of the oldest waffle house of Antwerp is continued here. All of the delicacies that we offer to our customers are still prepared according to an ancient tradition that guarantees the taste and sincerity!
Our house is one of the few places where the real Lackmans cakes are still served.
Darko, Ingrid and Helena

Machine to prepare the Lackmans
The only machine in the house that is allowed to prepare a dough is the authentic machine to knead the dough for the Lackmans. This machine is part of the antique inheritance.

After the kneading the dough has to "rest" a while to recover from the intense massage. Then Darko makes little balls of it and just before baking he rolls them with a small rolling pin to the right thickness. The heat of the iron will do the rest.
For the baking of the waffles and the Lackmans cakes we still use the authentic waffle irons. These irons are heated by gas so during the baking they have to be turned around manually.

Of course a "timer", like we find them on the electrical equipment, is not present here. And for the exact temperature you must rely on your own feeling.
"The one who bakes the waffles should not be distracted" says Darko. But the result is all there: a delicious waffle!
Authentic waffle iron
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