Guided Tour
The guided tour in the waffle house starts early in the morning in the basement. Darko prepares the ice cream and the dough for the pancakes and the waffles. All the ingredients are within reach and are carefully dosed and mingled. No machines here... everything is hand-made! Just keep an eye on the ice cream... timing is important. The vanilla is ready, the hazelnut is cooling and the other flavours are reposefully waiting for their turn. In the meantime the dough for the waffles is ready and here is the dough for the pancakes. Now Darko prepares the dough for the apple fritters. Darko prepares the dough

The dining-room While Darko is preparing all these goodies we leave the basement and go up to the dining room. The interior hasn't really changed much through the years and still has the look of the sixties.
An old fashioned coffee grinder and an antique balance are but a few reminders of that time. The dining room can accommodate forty people.
As soon as the first rays of sunlight fall upon us, we can sit outside on the pavement. In the cool shadow, under the umbrella and protected from the wind. It's a perfect spot for a cozy talk or just to relax and have a break after a long distance walk in town.
All the goodies on the menu are served on the pavement as well, so take your time, relax and enjoy.
Outside on the pavement

Let's buy some ice cream... When you are on the road and you are desperately in need of some ice cream, then make sure our house is on your way. You will not be disappointed! Every day you can choose from eight flavours and when the weather is really hot there's even delicious sorbet (tip: try some mango...)!
Or enjoy at home of a sweet "dame blanche", we'll gladly pack it in for you. The cakes and the waffles are also available in the take away services.
Meanwhile Ingrid is very busy. The bowls for the ice cream are chilled and the fresh fruit is rinsed. The cups and the dishes are ready and the waffle irons are already heating... the nice flavour of coffee is all around.

Darko starts the baking of the waffles. The first customers are entering the dining room... a new day has begun at the house Van Hecke!
Darko is baking the waffles

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